Chance Encounter

I’ve neglected this blog, the reasons for that being legion, but the primary reason being that we’ve moved, but I’ve continued the habit of picking up after litterbugs.


It’s ingrained.

Now that we’ve settled in, I’ve selected my own personal ‘adopt a spot’ litter location, across the street from the new home.  People like to park there at night, and there’s the usual selection of empty beer bottles and cans,

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energy drink cans and convenience food packaging,





cigarette butts and packaging,


baggies, candy wrappers and miniature liquor bottles.





Y’know, judging by the litter on our roadsides, we’re a selfish and decadent society.

The spot’s looking cleaner already and pretty soon I’ll have to forage further afield to find filth.  But today, I had gardening on the agenda and that task led to a meeting with a fellow traveler, the second such meeting I’ve had since we relocated.  As follows:

I was driving out to the town compost facility this morning and what do I see?  A lady with a pick stick in one hand, and a repurposed grocery store bag in the other, working her way through some litter alongside the railroad right of way.  I couldn’t help myself.  I pulled over and said hello.  And when I thanked her for what she was doing, she said something like: “Well, we live right here, and I get tired of looking at the mess so it’s not much more effort to pick it up as it is to look at it.”

Yep.  That about sums it up. I told her that I do the same thing, and I mentioned the possibility of having an organized cleanup in the area.  While the lady was polite, I didn’t get the feeling that she was immediately interested.  I said nice to meet you and drove off to continue what I’d been doing.

I’m thinking of starting a little facebook page to network with other residents of the area – to organize a bit, and do some cleanups.  I think I’ll draw a good number of interested people, and in any case a number of good and interesting people.  We could do ‘flash’ cleanups – just descend on a spot and clean it and leave.  There are quite a few retirees around here who might just be willing.

Meanwhile, I’m scouting equipment


and continuing to take pictures of roadside litter.  Perhaps in search of those elusive grocery store plastic bags that people want to ban so much.  Wait, here’s one…er, forget it.  Just another smiley bag.


Not seeing them.  Are you?  Maybe it’s time for another post on that topic.