International Coastal Cleanup

That time again, and the local upland fresh water preserve is in need of a good thorough picking.  The ICC is the same day as our local Community Watch cleanup, so it’s shaping up into a community-wide cleanup effort.  We have a month to hype it, and I hope that we can draw some new volunteers along with the reliable people we always count on.

In an effort to get the message out in new ways, I have repurposed some of the lawn signs that got picked up at prior cleanups.  I whitewashed them and am planning to letter them with a simple message, something like: Community Cleanup Today, 9-11 am.  I’ll place them at strategic spots the day before.  Maybe we can draw some people who aren’t on the facebook group or who haven’t been in the loop for cleanups in the past.

A recent spate of illegal dumping has had me in contact with the town.  I emailed the top elected official and included photos of the trash, asking that the town pick up the dumped material and request that the police conduct some directed overnight patrols.  I got a very positive response, and the dumped stuff was picked up within a few days.   This happened at the same location where we conduct the ICC each year.   There are other cleanups done at that location, which is a magnet for dumpers and needs sustained attention to stay neat.