Some Independent Work: Sunrise Highway Service Road

I had to take the car to the nearby shop for some minor work, and so decided to do a bit of litter cleanup while walking home. The strip of roadway that I picked clean is about two blocks long and adjacent to our State highway, it gets a lot of debris blown up on the grass.  I cleaned it last Fall and it took quite a while: hours, actually, and three trips.  It seemed to me at the time that the State had neglected that spot for a while, it was full of garbage.

Sometimes it takes pressure from citizen activism for the municipalities to actually clean certain area, other times the municipality simply won’t do it – Like the stretch of Commack Road that I’ve adopted.  That tract of woods hadn’t been cleaned in decades. It’s now clean.

I filled a 30 gallon kitchen trash bag in about a half hour of work.  Ironically, I was driving down the service road about two hours later (after picking up the car) when I saw the state workers picking up litter just a quarter mile further along the same stretch of roadway.


Well, I saved them some work.


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