Some Litter is Useful

Today, I’m putting litter on the ground: cat litter that is. I’m not trying to find an eco-friendlier ice melt here, I just ran out. I’d bought only one bag of the stuff instead of two or three back in early January out of some cheapskatism and a wistful hope that this Winter would be different. It’s not.

In the past week we’ve seen a two foot snow event, a deep freeze, a rain that changed to sleet and ice and road icing everywhere. The stores of course, are sold out of ice melt. I guess they went with a warm Winter theory like I did and kept the stock pile of ice melt small. Some places that have ice melt are gouging prices. Lovely.

Without the ice melt I went with plan b and plan c: wood ash and cat litter. They both work ok for giving traction on the ice, even if they don’t melt it, but both substances turn the icy stuff into a gray mess. So it’s shoes off as soon as I enter the house.

As for the litter, the conventional kind, I’d expect that once things start to melt a bit there’ll be a mess all over town. Most folks keep the trash cans off the streets during storms, but enough cans are left out for the plows to smash that there’s going to be a mess when it all melts. Can’t wait.


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